FREE DEL & MITT (nz only) Gel
Tantastic Self Tanning Gel
FREE DEL & MITT (nz only) Gel
FREE DEL & MITT (nz only) Gel

FREE DEL & MITT (nz only) Gel

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Perfect for achieving an instant, deep golden tan. 

Tantastic Self Tanning Gel is enriched with intense moisturising and skin conditioning ingredients, such as Pro-Vitamin B5 to ensure a smooth and even tan. Tantastic Self Tanning Gel will develop and dry instantly, leaving skin with a silky glow and feel. 

When applied with the Tantastic Applicator Mitt, this non-sticky gel will deliver flawless and long lasting results within minutes.

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  • Non-toxic and suitableh for sensitive skins
  • Tans up to 5 full bodies, lasting up to 7 days
  • Self tan boosters allow rapid absorption, helping DHA penetrate further for a longer lasting tan
  • Castor Oil helps retain moisture to keep skin hydrated
  • Paraben and alcohol free
  • Contains Ecocert approved natural DHA (7%) 

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