Tantastic Applicator Mitt

Tantastic Applicator Mitt

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Hassle free application with a flawless finish.

The Tantastic Applicator Mitt guarantees a professional looking tan. It is custom designed for use with all Tantastic products and has an ultra smooth, flocked foam surface to ensure a flawless finish. The special double lotion proof barrier ensures your hands are protected, leaving them stain free. 

Simply apply any of the Tantastic range to the foam applicator mitt and move in circular motions to cover the desired area.

Tantastic Applicator Mitts are machine washable and re-useable. 


  • Machine washable
  • Custom designed for use with all Tantastic products
  • Flocked foam surface for seamless finish
  • Protects hands from tan staining.

Check out our tools & tips page for the best advice on applying Tantastic products.  

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