Ready, Steady..........Glow !!!

No one likes their tan to look fake... so here's a few handy tips so you're guaranteed a flawless tan, every application!

Tools: you will need

Exfoliator, self tanning product, applicator mitt & moisturiser. 

How to: before

Hair removal: Always wax 24 hrs or shave 12 hours before tanning.  This gives your pores time to close properly so they won't get clogged with dark looking tan.

Exfoliate: Ensure a smooth & even tan by removing dead skin cells.  Your tan will go further & last longer! Pay particular attention to elbows, knees, ankles any dry areas of skin.

How to: during

Prepare skin: Clean & dry your skin before applications.  Avoid moisturising as it can act as a barrier to your tanning product.  However, you should lightly moisturise any dry areas such as hands, elbows & heels to prevent the tan clinging & appearing darker.

Application: For the perfect finish, use the Tantastic Applicator Mitt & apply in a smooth circular motion.   Copy/paste clip for the easiest way to reach your own back!

Darkening your tan: You can add additional layers of your product. Tantastic products dry almost immediately, meaning you can apply another layer straight away. Lightly blend over the top/ sides of your hands & knuckles - you only need a small amount of tan on the mitt for your hands.

How to: after

Developing tan: Tantastic dries really quickly, so after 2-3 minutes you can dress as normal.  Your tan is instant, so you can dress & go! It will develop over the next 7 hours - so if possible avoid showering, bathing, swimming & vigorous exercise. After 7 hours, shower as normal - you'll notice a small amount of excess tan coming off, this is normal. Pat your skin dry, moisturise & you're good to go!