Why Tantastic?

The age of self-tanning has well & truly begun - so its an important time for sun lovers to be thinking about the best way to achieve their desired tan - because they know that its NOT baking in the NZ sun!  Tantastic has no dreaded tanning smell, streaking issues or application challenges!

Tantastic's instant colour & quick drying formula is perfect for those who want to tan, dress & go!

Our products are custom formulated:

  • All self tanning products contain Vitamin E
  • Paraben, alcohol free & nanoparticle free
  • Vegan friendly & cruelty free
  • All deliver an instant tan that will last up to 5 days, giving you long lasting, flawless results
  • Tantastic bronzes the skin instantly, so you know exactly which areas have been covered so there is no chance of streaks or patches
  • Tantastic will not stain your clothes, it dries within minutes so you can dress immediately
  • Our products are ideal for last minute tanning, allowing you to live life on the go
  • Tantastic does not smell, there are no overpowering aromas often associated with self tanning 
  • Tantastic looks great on everyone, it's colour adjusts to your complexion, leaving you with a natural, sexy tan whatever your skin tone
  • Tantastic contains only 100% natural DHA 

Tantastic ingredients 

Self tanning products all contain Dihydroxyacetone, otherwise known as DHA – this is the active tanning ingredient.

DHA is the ingredient most responsible for the depth of colour that is achieved when the product is used.  Generally speaking, the more DHA in the formulation, the darker the tan will be.

When self tan is applied, the DHA will react with the upper layers of the skin. It is this process which ensures the tan will not wash off and will last for up to 5 days. It will then fade like a natural tan.

Tantastic DHA
Tantastic contains only 100% natural DHA.

Tantastic should not be applied over eczema, psoriasis, cuts or abrasions. If you are pregnant or are concerned about skin allergies, please check with your GP before tanning. 

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