Tantastic Reviews

With my sisters wedding coming up this July, and my skin looking white as snow
I knew something needed to be done so I didn't blind everyone in my bikini.  I
have never been a huge fan of fake tans as they always go streaky and orange
and I hate putting any chemical based products on my sensitive skin.  Being
incredibly active with horse riding everyday I needed a tan that would last and
not rub off when perspiring and when my legs rubbed against the saddle. 

Pauleen told me about Tantastic tanning gel and mitt. When she mentioned the
active tanning ingredient was organic and great on sensitive skin, in addition to
not appearing orange and streaky using the applicator mitt I knew I had to try it. 
Needless to say after one application I was hooked.  The ease to apply was great
with no orange hands a real bonus.  My skin was glowing and there where no
streaks or tacky orange look.  Over the course of the first five days I rode two
horses a day, showered night and morning (and had a couple of spas)... the tan
looked much better than I could have expected. I even applied it to my face and
there was no stingy or tacky feeling. 

I would highly
recommend Tanatstic to anyone wanting a natural looking tan, without
putting dangerous and harmful chemicals on their skin.  My two sisters and mum were
so impressed they have ditched the idea of a spray tan and have purchased some
Tantastic gel and mitts so they too can feel confident in their swim suits in Fiji. 
Thanks Pauleen for introducing me to Tantastic!

Brooke Campbell, Graphic Designer - Auckland


I love the natural tanned look I get from using Tantastic! As soon as I                                                
discovered Tantastic three years ago, I threw out every other tanning
product I owned.  Tantastic is easy to apply and I don't get stained hands                                         
using the Tantastic Applicator Mitt.

I also love that there is there is no scent! I apply after at my shower
at night and jump into bed and do this until my desired colour is achieved.  
I maintain it easily with an application every 3 or 4 days. I believe this is
the best self tanning product ever!  
Jude Ellingham, Self Employed - Hawkes Bay.


I applied my Tantastic Gel before attending a wedding last weekend,

I had an amazing dress and needed the tan to compliment! Received
wonderful comments on my tan that afternoon and into the night.  I've
been using Tantastic for 6 weeks and have had endless compliments on
my colour.  
Very happy customer!

Jamie Warren,  PA / Dancer.


I was getting ready to go on a mid-winter holiday to Thailand and was
dreading having pasty white skin. I’m not a big fan of tanning products,
as I’ve always found them very smelly and hard to apply evenly! 
When Tantastic was recommended, I’ll admit I was a little dubious.
However, my first application of the tanning gel was very easy due to
the applicator mitt (what a great idea, for the first time I didn’t need to
worry about my wedding rings getting gunked up with fake tan) and the
tan came out an even, soft golden colour. I packed my travel size tanning
liquid and mitt and kept topped up for the duration of my trip!  I found Tantastic
to be far superior to other tanning products I’ve tried due to the easy application,
great natural looking colour and minimal ‘tannning’ smell.

Liz Wood, Digital Marketer, Tauranga