The Tantastic Story

Born in the UK

UK based mother and daughter combo, Hilary McMurray and Shelley Martin, had a
simple idea - a fake tan that didn't smell and wouldn't stain clothes. After numerous
formula trials they found the perfect tanning blend and the 4Beautygroup business
was launched. 

In 2008 the Tantastic brand was born and is now enjoying success as one of the most
popular tanning brands in the UK and Ireland and has also found recent success in the
United Arab Emirates.

The Glamour Tan for every season
arrives in New Zealand

Auckland based, Pauleen Hanna, tried and loved the Tantastic brand ten years ago during
a trip to the UK.
 A keen tanner from way back, Pauleen wasn't content with the tanning
products on offer in New Zealand.

In 2014, Pauleen decided it was time to do something about it.  She set up
communications with Hilary and began the process of bringing the Tantastic range to Kiwi's.

So now it's up to you to give these amazing products a go!  We're always keen to
hear from our customers - let us know what you think of the Tantastic range