Will my tan streak or patch?

No, Tantastic bronzes the skin instantly, so you know exactly which areas have been covered.
The best way to ensure perfect coverage is to use our Applicator Mitt to apply your product.

Will I get the biscuity tanning smell?

No,  Tantastic has no overpowering aroma often associated with tanning.

Will Tantastic stain my clothes?

No, Tantastic dries within minutes, so you can dress immediately. It’s ideal for last minute tanning.

I have pale skin, will Tantasic be right for me?

Yes, Tantastic is suitable for all skin types. It delivers a natural, glamorous tan, whatever your skin tone.

How long will my Tantastic Tan last?

Tantastic delivers an instant colour that will dry in minutes and last up to 5/6 days & deliver long lasting flawless results. 

Can I use Tantastic on my face?

Yes, Tantastic products are designed to be used on the face & body.

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