Tanning Made Easy This Season

This is an exciting time for  'Tantastic Self Tanning Lotions & Products'  - as it's our first year on New Zealand shores!  


Tantastic has already seen major success in the UK due to its innovative and natural formula, so we're super excited to bring the amazing range to Kiwis. 

It's such an important time for sun lovers to be thinking about the best way to get the tan we desire (and its not frying ourselves under the NZ sun).  The age of self-tanning has well and truly begun - so we wanted to bring you the best possible tanning products on the market.  Even through the winter months, there is no reason we can't indulge in having a golden glow.  We all know a touch of colour makes us look and feel wonderful, inside and out,  all year round.  It lifts our confidence, we'll sell ourselves better, stand tall, and radiate !      

Hundreds of thousands of UK women can't be wrong! 

We're looking forward to helping you get the glamorous, golden glow you deserve!  So sign up to our exclusive newsletter and follow us on facebook,  'Tantastic New Zealand', and we'll see you there!

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